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Fuze Recordings

This album series contains some brutal kicks and vibrant cuts from A Side's own Fuze Recordings imprint.. CDs one to four are an earth-shattering Drum & Bass voyage that only the brave should attempt!!

Beyond Voltage Part 3

Beyond Voltage Part 3

Following on from the success of the two previous outings, we have decided to unleash Fuze Recording's very own A-Sides on the 21st to 29th releases on the label and create "Beyond Voltage Part 3". read more

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Beyond Voltage Part 2

Due to the success of Beyond Voltage Part 1, we have now decided it's time to unleash part 2. This is a collection of our eleventh to twentieth releases and is mastermixed by Fuze Recordings label head and producer A-Sides. read more

Twisted Soundscapes

Twisted Soundscapes

Fuze Recordings are proud to present "TWISTED SOUNDSCAPES", a sought after Drum & Bass collection. Compiled and mixed by A - Sides, the main man behind Fuze Recordings and East Side Records, he is also one half of Metal Headz top recording Artist (Sci - Clone). read more

Beyond Voltage Part 1

Beyond Voltage Part 1

Fuze Recordings has 16 releases under it's belt and has been established for nearly 2 years. To celebrate this we have decided to mark the vent with the release of Beyond Voltage Part 1. read more