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Advanced Drum & Bass

A delve into the depths of CIA's stunning back-catalogue to find the best in liquid funk, upfront stomp and fluid, bassy grooves


Oxford D 'n' B masters Total Science bring us the AudioWorks series... A fresh, exciting and experimental selection of tunes that pulls drum and bass in some inexplicable directions and experiments with vastly unknown soundscapes.

AudioWorks takes two forms, the initial series is a showcase of Q Project and Spinback's own output and the Audioworks Various Artists compilations are an exploration of the extensive and consistantly brilliant CIA back-catalogue.

B.O.S.S - Breakbeat Old Skool Sessions

We are proud to present you with the first CD in our brand new series B.O.S.S - Breakbeat Old Skool Sessions! As interest in Old Skool Hardcore increases, more and more people are looking back to the golden era of Happy Hardcore, 1992 - 1996, and wishing to hear some of those fantastic tracks from all those messy, memorable nights out. The B.O.S.S series intends to fulfill that desire, plus a whole lot more.


Coming soon...

Contagious Drum & Bass

A blistering series of the best in upfront, jump-up and liquid D 'n' B from masters such as A-sides, Total Science, Q Project and Optical, plus many more!

Fuze Recordings

This album series contains some brutal kicks and vibrant cuts from A Side's own Fuze Recordings imprint.. CDs one to four are an earth-shattering Drum & Bass voyage that only the brave should attempt!!

Illegal Ravers

A mind-bending conceptual assault on the senses.. Illegal Ravers is a diverse and eclectic series, spanning not only various different styles but entirely different genres from the dancefloors of Slammin' Vinyl to muddy fields of East Anglia, Illegal Ravers is an all encompassing D 'n' B, Hardcore, Breakbeat and Techno blaster!!

The series takes you back to the days before dance genres parted ways and captures a party vibe much missed in todays scene but with fresh, finger-on-the-pulse tunes and sharp, no-holds-barred mixes to knock your socks off!

Most Uplifting Vocal Anthems

Most Uplifiting brings you a selection of tracks from the hardest working vocalists in happy hardcore!! Fresh from the Underground these are the rising stars and the raise-your-hands, tried and tested vocal talents from the hardcore scene!

Narcotix Inc.

The Narcotix Inc. album series is a showcase of beats, breaks and lounge cuts from our constantly evolving and diverse imprint of the same name.
Originally the label was used as a creative playground for our big name artists and as such, is founded upon the ethos of 'Music for music's sake', resulting in passionately written songs and genre-defying soundscapes.

Nu Energy

A series of stompy, ravey, twisted, anthem-filled compilations from The Nu Energy Collective!

WOW! What A Rush!!

The aptly entitled Wow! (What A Rush) series began life with a sampler CD priced at £1.99.. since then the series has grown in leaps and bounds, becoming a massively popular showcase of JAL's in-house labels and a definitive hardcore album in its own right!!

XXX - The Making Of...

The XXX Drum and Bass label began 5 years ago as a concept label - experimental,  dirty and raw. It was founded by established production unit Facs (Biotic, Droppin Science, Juice) & Dylan (Moving Shadow, Droppin Science, Renegade Hardware). A sister to their Drum and Bass label Biotic, XXX became a place they would put their most unearthly of musical creations.