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Marlon Edwards

Marlon Edwards

Acid Monkey / Marlon

Date Of Birth : 6/27/77

Discography : View all tracks

Producer Marlon has been in the business for ten years and has had a good grounding in musical education. He had two years opera singing tuition whilst studying at university and he is into a range of music forms from Techno to Jazz.

Marlon however, is very much interested in the fusion of Acid House with Funk, which is where the name 'Acid Monkey' came from. He produces music in this style and it works very well considering he has produced tracks for Stage One including "Help Me", "Get It Right" and "You Are Everything", all of which have been a success. He has also DJed and performed at 'The Rock Garden', 'Powerhouse' and 'Mega Tripolis' to name but a few.

Marlon engineers all his work and has worked with artists such as 'Jenka', 'Slipmatt' and 'MC Sharky', who he believes are all excellent artists that have given that little bit extra to his tracks. He respects this as "everyone is doing what they feel and believe to be their best, not what they think they should do".

Marlon has currently set up a club night called 'Soul Food' where he continues to do live PAs. He is also working on his own website. For the future, he plans to sew all his knowledge together into a masterplan. He desires to save the planet, retire by thirty, and be swinging on a hammock in Barbados with the girl of his dreams, living happily ever after. Don't we all!

Hendrix - Castle Made of Sand
Bob Marley - To The Rescue
Chilli Peppers - Something In The Way Feel
James Brown - Sex Machine