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Declan Smith

Declan Smith

DJ Slam

Date Of Birth : 1/26/72

Discography : View all tracks

Larger than life Declan began DJ'ing in 1992. A year later, he became resident at United Dance playing the Hardcore scene's toughest Dancefloor killer anthems, alongside those like Slipmatt and Vibes.

In 1994, he started to collect studio equipment, and through watching other producers, such as Ruff Driverz’ Bradley Carter, he slowly taught himself how to use his new toys.

Nowadays, Declan is experimenting in the production of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Garage and R&B, but ravers will best know him for some of his past tunes, such as “Revelation” and “Influence”. He has also worked with many other producers, such as Helix, Luna-C (Kniteforce), A-Sides and Ellis Dee and finds himself creating riffs and sounds based around Soul and R&B from the mid to late 80’s.

Since 1993, Declan been both popular and successful within the Hardcore scene, but he isn’t just any old producer - Oh no Declan has spread his mixing wings to give pleasure to ravers in Los Angeles, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Canada, as well as Scotland, Ireland and Wales and our very own raves: Dreamscape, Fusion, Helter Skelter, World Dance, Labrynth and of course, United Dance. Declan says, “All I want from life is to be happy”, and travelling the world, doing a job you love and desire could only mean one thing - happiness.

Although Declan is one of Hardcore’s bubbliest, he says he prefers to keep himself to himself and try not to mix with the band wagon-jumping, back-stabbing, no good-doing, all-for-themselves people out there, who tend to drag good people down with them.

“I like what I like and I respect who I respect and no-one will brainwash me into thinking otherwise. There are talented people out there who never get the chance to prove it because too many others live by their pockets, rather than their intuition. They’re just so gutless”.

Dionne - Come Get My Lovin’
Massive Attack - Unfinished Symphony
Champion Sound - Q-Project
Helicopter - On Your Way
Omni Trio - Renegade Snares Foul Play V.I.P. Mix
Kariya - Baby Let Me Love You
Rhythm On The Loose - Break of Dawn
Donna & Anthea - Uptown Top Rankin’
Bombscare - 2 Bad Mice
Roni Size - Windows