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Morgan Rooms

Morgan Rooms

D-Mo / DNA / Dream Sequence / Edit V / Genetix

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While the UK was legalizing rave parties for the first time, DNA was writing music as best he could on an Amiga 500.
A few years later, he had become a studio engineer in high demand, working with some of the biggest labels in rave history, building a discography that has earned him worldwide recognition.

While DNA's choice of music had originally earned it's 'Hardcore' name through being a hard, gritty, uncompromising underground sound, it had begun to grow increasingly childish in it's musical direction. Many producers tried in vain to promote less mindless forms of Hardcore, but the fan base had grown accustomed to extremely fast, stomping cheesy music.
Although a desperate intent to produce in other styles was made clear, musical ambitions were often put on ice, with contractual obligations and studio politics stamping out any artistic freedom until late 2001.

Musically, DNA is now heading towards new horizons, with Hip Hop, Breaks and Artist development his new chosen frontiers.

With a blissfull engagement to Monica now 2+ years strong, marriage is just around the corner.� � Together, they are creating "Infected Logic".
This will be the first professional studio of it's kind in Northern California, with an engineer of unparalelled experience in California at the helm.
With several large contracts already being negotiated, Infected Logic is already making waves..

DNA : Discography


DNA's Hardcore totalled 108 recordings, and featured on over 50 compilations and 25 labels.
These included several of the "Happy 2 B Hardcore" series, the Bonkers series, Helter Skelters "Masters @ Work" series, and several "Dance Speed" compilations in Japan.

While engineering for Essential Platinum, the label won Best Hardcore Label at the Dream Dance awards, 1996 (UK).
He produced the first tunes for Infinity & SSU Recordings and is the only engineer to have been employed by Impact Records.
One of his earliest recordings is the only Hardcore music heard in the motion picture "Better Living Through Circuitry".

He has worked with and for many high profile artists, including Brisk, Ham, Force & Styles, Hixxy, Justin Time, Triple J, Dougal, Seduction, Demo, Frantic, QFX, Unknown, Vinylgroover, Frisky, Mickey Skeedale, Spinback, Vinyltrixter, Breeze, Stompy, Simon Apex, S-Scape, E-Logic and more.

With live performances of his records as well as DJ’ing, his Hardcore career took him to clubs around the UK, where he held an early residency at Club Labyrinth.

The larger events hold the greatest memories, such as Helter Skelter, United Dance, Slammin Vinyl, Raindance, Fusion and Dreamscape. Away from the UK, DNA was flown to Ireland, Los Angeles, Sacramento (voted Best DJ, 1999), Chico, San Francisco, Reno, Phoenix, Washington, Boston and Maine amongst others.

It was with a twinge of sadness he left the scene he had been involved with since very young, but we all have to grow up some time!

Discography : Hardcore

Reality - Just Another Label
Reality - Justin Time Remix - Just Another Label
Hornz - with Dougal - Just Another Label
Hornz remix - with Dougal - Just Another Label
Go Insane - New Sensation
Go Insane - Future Primitive Remix - New Sensation
Gone Insane - with Justin Time - JAL Premium
Touch My Heart - with Justin Time - JAL Premium
Kick Your legs - with E-Logic - Essential Platinum
Sometimes - with Dougal - Essential Platinum
Dream Of Heaven - Essential Platinum
Wings of Love - Essential Platinum
Come on - DNA Remix for Stompy - New Era Recordings
U And Me - Impact
Gotta Believe - Impact
Juicy Cuts 3 (Rainbows in the Sky/Don’t leave me alone) - Juicy Cuts
Juicy Cuts 4 (Baby D remixes) - Juicy Cuts
Juicy Cuts 7 (Bittersweet Symphony) - Juicy Cuts
Feel Free - with Unknown - Impact
Pump to Make you Jump - Bounce
Jump A Little Higher - engineered for Breeze - Infinity
Run To Me - engineered for E-Logic - Infinity
Give Yourself - with Spinback - SAW
Steam Trains - DNA & Vinylgroover Remix for Hopscotch - Essential Platinum
Tranquility - with Dougal - Essential Platinum
Tranquility remix - with Vinylgroover - Essential Platinum
Really Love You - DNA Remix for Dougal - Essential Platinum
Love Toy Remix - DNA Remix for Dougal - Essential Platinum
Driving me Crazy - with Breeze - Infinity
Driving Me Crazy (Remix) - Infinity
Wot A Ride - engineered for Datcha - Essential Platinum
Got To Go - DNA Remix for Dougal - Essential Platinum
Elevation - with Swift & Freefall - Essential Platinum
X Files - Happy Hardcash
Imagine Paradise - Happy Hardcash
Leaving the World Behind - with Seduction - Impact
So In Love - DNA Remix for Seduction - Impact
Freedom - DNA & Seduction Remix for QFX - Impact
Every Time You Touch Me - DNA & Seduction Remix for QFX - Impact
Clearly - with Seduction - Impact
Hardcore is the future - with Seduction - Impact
Hip Swing - Hardcore Heaven
Somewhere Out There - Hardcore Heaven
Feel That Groove (Recorded under alias "MIB") - Hardcore Heaven
Sitting On Top - with Vinyltrixter - Infinity
Fly So High - with Breeze and Vinyltrixter - Infinity
Going All The Way - with E-Logic - Essential Platinum
Heart Is Jumping - DNA Remix for Midas / Fusion - Essential Platinum
Wonderland - DNA Remix for Force & Styles - UK Dance
Better Let You Know - DNA Remix for Stompy - Fusion
Insanity - with Breeze - Essential Platinum
Your Love Hits Me - DNA Remix for Breeze - Essential Platinum
Wildstyle - with Demo - Universal
Bridge Over Troubled Water - engineered for E-Logic - Essential Platinum
Get On Up - with E-Logic - Essential Platinum
Climbing Higher - with Dougal - Just Another Label
Edit-V - under alias of "Edit-V" - Impact
C'mon and get my love - with Breeze - Infinity
High In The Sun - with Breeze - Just Another Label
The Slammer (Recorded as anon.) - White
Express Yourself - engineered for S-Scape - Infinity
Dance With Somebody - Impact
Never Give Up - Impact
Still Smouldering - New Sensation
Can You Feel it - Impact
Dubstar - engineered for Datcha - Essential Platinum
Party Pumper - with Swift - Essential Platinum
Flow on a Vibe (Hardcash mix) - Happy Hardcash
Million Miles (Hardcash mix) - Happy Hardcash
Runnin’ - SSU Recordings
Roll ‘Da Bass - DNA Remix for Simon Apex - SSU Recordings
Let’s Fly - DNA Remix for Breeze - Infinity
21st & K - Infinity
Superman - DNA Remix for Simon Apex & Ion - SSU
Reaching The Edge - engineered for Simon Apex and LostBoy - SSU
Reaching The Edge (Part 2) - SSU
Destiny - DNA Remix for Simon Apex - SSU
Bit-Of-A-Sweet-Symphony - White Label
The Matrix - engineered for Ion - SSU
The Matrix - DNA & Simon Apex Remix - SSU
The Last Forever - SSU
Poison - engineered for Haze & Hectic - SSU
Steam Trains 2001 - engineered for Simon Apex - SSU
Maria - DNA & Frantic Dub Remix - Remix Records
About U - with Ham - Next Generation
Out Of My Head - with Ham - Next Generation
See Me Climb - DNA Remix for Stealth - Blatant Beats
Heart Of Gold - DNA Remix for Force & Styles - UK Dance
Cloz-R - Infinity
Going On - DNA Remix for Breeze - Infinity
Genie - Silk Cuts
Take It From The Groove - DNA Remix for Hec-Tek - Hec-Tek Recordings
U Belong - Not Yet Released
Here I Go - Virus X
Torn Souls - Virus X
All Mine - Virus X
Mother Fucking Psycho - Virus X
Beautiful - engineered for Frantic - Joining Of The Clans
Right About Now - with Frantic - Joining Of The Clans
Trance Tension - Virus X
Ready (RU?) - Virus X
Oh God - with The White Guy - Virus X
Prominent Forehead - with The White Guy - Virus X
Bass Confusion - Virus X
Torn Souls (Breaks mix) - Virus X
Outta Here - Virus X

Hard House

Taking the rougher musical elements of Hardcore and combining them with the hardest aspects of House, the Hard House sound has become the biggest attraction to ex-Hardcore producers in the new Millenium.

When Vinylgroover first approached DNA regarding engineering work, neither knew how successful the collaboration would be.
Within a month of working together, they had seen their music signed to Nukleuz - one of the most well known, high profile Hard House labels in the World.
Their first Nukleuz release, "Don't Believe The Hype", sold 3500 units in it's first 5 days of sale.

Although Hard House has never been of great personal interest to DNA, the experience of producing is invaluable, and the collaboration with Vinylgroover proving successful.

Discography : Hard House

All tracks written with Vinylgroover unless otherwise stated.

Don't Believe The Hype - Nukleuz
Bass Shaker - Red Records
The Orange Room - Red Records
Sleepwalkers - engineered for Kev Wild - Red Records
Beats n' Bass - engineered for Kev Wild - Red Records
Hard NRG - Red Records
Under Pressure - Red Records
Getting It On - Red Records
Terminated - Red Records