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James Foster

Triple J / Jimmy J

Date Of Birth : 11/20/65

Discography : View all tracks

Jim Foster is the inimitable Jimmy J: one of hardcore's top producers and one third of hardcore trio, Triple J.
Jimmy spent is "formative" years doing alot of clubbing and met some interesting characters and styles of music on the way. He decided to try his hand at making some of the music he was listening to and teamed up with Luna-C (of Knightforce) for 6 years between '92 and '98. Together they produced, cut and sold a mountain of records (usually through Jimmy's Camden outlet - Remix Records). Although he hassled Luna-C to remix "99 Red Balloons" over and over and kept getting knocked back, he decided to give it the remix treatment himself: something Luna-C now regrets, as the result became huge!

One of Jimmy's biggest musical achievements was a No.4 in the Aussie charts, with "6 Days" (produced with Luna-C). However, neither of the artists liked the track and only released it for the hell of it. It went on to sell stacks and FFRR became interested in releasing it as a European single. The track was ripped off and sold in Europe, destroying the deal. However, the two decided to license the track to Central Station in Australia and produced a European Hard Mix - it went on to become an absolute stormer in Oz and flew into the charts. The two DJs followed it up with 3 tours of Oz...

Let's not forget all the amazing tracks Jimmy has produced for Just Another Label as part of Triple J. I'm sure no-one can forget "Follow The Sun"...

At the moment, Jimmy is living in Spain with no future plans for further production, but I'm sure his contribution will never be forgotten...