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Julian Lopez

Gamma Ray / Mon Con / Secret Teknology

Date Of Birth : 4/21/70

Discography : View all tracks

Julian has been into music technology for about the last 10 years & he has been writing tracks for about the last 8 years.

It was from going out to the early warehouse parties from 1987 onwards that really drove him to want to produce his own recordings. After making many friends from being out on the scene he was asked whether he would like to visit India. India had a major effect on his taste in music & state of mind, it had opened up a new party scene and the influences were quite obvious in his earlier recordings. His earlier recordings were Goa / Techno trance under the name 'Secret Intelligence', this is where Julian first came into contact with Stage One as at this time they were record distributors.

As Julian was driven more and more towards the music business he gave up his current job at the time to work in Digital Village (music technology retail showroom). This is where he gained a vast knowledge of studio equipment & made contact with many artists covering a wide range of musical styles. He continued to write his own material under the name 'Multiplex' for the record labels Phantasm/Psychic Deli- this led to numerous licensing deals in the UK & Europe.

After spending 5 years managing Digital Village Julian had decided that it was time to pursue his career as a writer/sound engineer. He gave up his job and joined the Stage One team where he spends much of his time writing music library tracks on his own & with many of the other Stage One writers. Through joining Stage One it has further broadened his musical influences which has led to writing many different styles of music including Drum & Bass,House,Garage,Techno,Trance,Ambient,Chill Out,etc,etc. In addition to the music library tracks Julian has engineered for various artists including 'Angelic" who was recently in the charts, he also does some part time work as a field technician - configuring systems for most of the major recording studios around London.

Julian also continues to work on his commercial releases, his recent releases include a
drum & bass single written with the well known artist 'A Sides'. They are working under
pseudonym 'Secret Teknology" & as a solo he uses 'Gammaray', both of which are on the well
known label 'Fuze Recordings'. Aside from the drum & bass releases he continues to write
Psychedelic Techno , Trance & Chill Out for the labels 'Phantasm' & 'Psychic Deli' under the
pseudonyms 'Multiplex' & 'The Unknown Syde FX' (TUSF).

I am interested in a wide range of musical styles & believe that there is good & bad in just about every form of music.
I mainly listen to Psychedelic Techno/Chill Out & Drum & Bass. I prefer the Psychedelic Techno scene above all because of its mentality,you can meet the craziest people & the parties can be held in the most beautiful settings ie secluded beaches & ancient ruin sites.