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Craig Morris

Craig Morris

DJ Fury / Squarewave / Up 'n' Atom

Date Of Birth : 3/24/74

Discography : View all tracks

Craig Morris has always been influenced by Rap and Hip Hop. At 12 years old he was saving his dinner money to fuel his addiction for new records.

"As soon as I left school, the first thing I did was save up to buy a pair of Technics and learn to scratch!” But he soon became bored with the increasing politics and bad attitude surrounding the Rap scene and stumbled across a new breed of music. "There was speeded up Rap and Hip Hop beats and loads of energy”. He was hooked from his first rave 'The Slammer' in Gravesend, Kent.

As a producer, DJ Fury has released countless tracks on labels such as RSR, GBT, Stompin' Choonz and XY2. His first release “Disruptive Element” (E.P) was released on his own label Biohazard, which has since been dissolved. Alan 'Jinx' Chamberlain later introduced him to someone locally with a studio. The record was a success and from then on, his music career had begun.

Massive success followed, in the form of “Age of Stomp” (RSR) with D-Zyne, “Droppin' Bombs” (GBT) and “All I Ever Wanted”, “Sound Flow”, “De Sensitise” and “Lemonade Raygun” (Stompin’ Choonz).

He listens to all types of music, bar Soul and R&B. He prefers guitar based bands such as Six by Seven, Dark Star, Radio Head and many others . He chills out to Portishead and Massive Attack. He loves a bit of Breakbeat (DJ Shadow, The Herbalizer and Fluke). "Not a day goes by where I am not involved in music, whether it is making it, listening or moaning about not having every new release".

Craig likes the way that musical styles are gradually crossing over into other genres of Dance. He says "Lately, the scene is turning into a great melting pot of Dance music. I think we will soon see all types of Dance music being played at one club”. This is already happening at places such as Cream from DJs Fat Boy Slim and LTJ Bukem. The quality of Freeform dance music is greatly improving as are the current producers. It may not be long before sales equal that of House and Garage."

He holds the highest respect for his fellow producers, Energy, Austin, Helix, Sharkey and Tekno Dred. He says, "I respect anyone who has an unbridled passion for the music we are pushing and anyone showing commitment and honesty”.

Craig believes that with a little determination and a big heart, Freeform will be accepted as a serious genre of the Dance scene. “I blame Happy Hardcore being relentlessly pushed onto ravers by the same old DJ's, playing the same old tunes made by their same old mates. Sorry about that rant!"

X-ES - Roller Coaster
Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
Sharkey - The Awakening (Guitar Solo)
Hyper On Experience Edge - Lords Of The Null Lines (Vol 1)
Frankie Bones - Can We Do This
Phuture Assassins - Phuture Sound
Disintegrator - Disentergrated
Nexus 6 - Tres Chic
Fury - Droppin’ Bombs