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State Of The Art

State Of The Art

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Established in 1994, State of the Art was the brain-child of three London based producers, who had a vision of creating music with total artistic freedom, adhering to no set pattern or fashionable style.

Their Freeform Jazz is a cut above the rest and has earned the label their slogan 'the freedom to create', and respect amongst fellow producers and labels within the music industry.

With style, skill and the unmistakable Solid State Funk, the crew have got to work, melanging the traditions of 70's and 80's Jazz and Soul with todays ultra modern Drum and Bass.

So far, the label has featured Solid State, Retro-Spec & Tru-Phonik, State Logik, Dextrous, Paze 3 & Klass A, Ben & Bjorn and Nuclear Fusion. With an MC called Scribbler, State of the Art will feature other vocalists and artists, yet to be confirmed. The labels most popular release has been "He who lives in Fear", written by Solid State (SOTA 006).

Urban fusion is the mission for the State of the Art crew, joining forces with other like minded street musicians and MC's, DJ's and singers,blending styles such as Jazz, Funk, Soul, Electro in a raw, Urban context. Expanding the Freedom to create, without the boundaries of the Drum and Bass scene that tries to confine them.

State of the Art released their first CD album in 1999, entitled "The Awakening". It is a collection of past releases that have shaped the sound of the label and made it what it is today.

For the year 2k, State of the Art are producing a maxi CD and double-pack vinyl, containing five or six tracks that cross the boundaries of street Urban Funk to Drum and Bass, pushing their sound further and crossing over into new territories.

This is looking to be quite an exciting challenge for the State of the Art crew.