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Duncan Busto

Duncan Busto

Alias / The Spirit

Date Of Birth : 2/5/68

Discography : View all tracks

Ipswich based Duncan Busto took up DJ'ing in 1987, when he was at college in London.

He played alongside guests such as Mr. C. and Colin Faver. Duncan moved back to Ipswich in 1990 and straight into a residency at a club called Trance, alongside spots at Raindance and Raven, which became one of the biggest nights in East Anglia with crowds of over 1,000 people.

It was late 1994 when Duncan started producing his own Drum 'n' Bass tracks under the name Spirit. Restricted to the confinements of his bedroom, Duncan set up his studio in 1995 and teamed up with Klute from Certificate 18 Records. His tracks were released on Timeless and Fresh '80, gaining strong support from LTJ Bukem, Peshay, Grooverider and Fabio who has utmost respect for. He reckons that, “Fabio is a man who loves his music, is a blinding DJ and one of the nicest people I’ve ever met”. Since then two of his tracks "Solar Glide" by The Spirit, and "Shockwave" by Digital and The Spirit were released on Artcore 3 and 4 respectively, on React.

Influenced by “pretty much anything”, Duncan can appreciate the good and bad in any tune. He says, “The bad ones make me remember what not to do, but I love the way Drum ‘n’ Bass is becoming more world widely recognised and more people are introducing more fresh and new ideas”. In his free time, Duncan will listen to Hip-Hop, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Techno, House, Funk, Jazz and “some obscure electronic / industrial music from the early mid-eighties!” He produces much of his material with Digital, and the pair have proved to be an invincible team, releasing tunes on Metalheadz, Timeless and Photek and contributing to the forthcoming Photek LP, “Sub Zero”. Duncan is behind the record label Phantom Audio, which he set up in 1999 with partner Digital. Duncan also has a regular spot writing Drum ‘n’ Bass reviews in Muzik Magazine once a month.

Duncan’s ambitions for the future are to broaden his musical horizons and get everything out of his system. He says, “As long as I’m enjoying making music and DJ’ing, I’ll be satisfying my cravings. I haven’t thought too much about what comes next, because there are lots of things I know I’d like to do, but I’ll keep it under my hat until I’m actually doing them.

R-Tyme - R Theme
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Kaos
Armando - Confusion's Revenge
Kraftwerk - Numbers
Goldie - Sinister
Doc Scott - Here Come The Drums
Beltram - Energy Flash
Bam Bam - Where's Your Child
Suburban Knight - The Worlds
Ron Trent - Altered States