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Jeff Bertolla

Dub Activist / Jah Free / Trapper John

Date Of Birth : 7/21/47

Website :

Discography : View all tracks

Jah Free is Stage 1000 most experienced composer, and after years in the business his releases are still doing remarkably well.

In the 70's he performed with Reggae bands such as Tallowah and Bushfire and toured most of the world entertaining crowds with his musical talents. Nowadays he has his own studio and produces as a one man band under the names Jah Free and Trapper John and although his musical styles are deeply rooted in the Reggae genre he has been known to co-produce Hip Hop and Drum and Bass tracks.

In the many years he has been performing, Jah Free has toured Italy, France, Holland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland as well as many gigs in his home country, Great Britain. He has co-produced with A-Sides, Dub Warriors, Wayne Mc Arthur, Vibronics,Sister Simiah and Zion Train to name a few.

In 1999, he performed at Glastonbury for the third consecutive year and he also featured at Holland's biggest music festival, Lowlands. Over the years he has become increasingly absorbed with his music and the effects it has on its listeners and now operates on a 'One Love' mission through his music, saying, " It is so beautiful, the way music generates love, positivity and unity; one love to that ".

Although Stage 1000 publish Jah Free's myriad of releases, he has only released one track with them - 'Air Dried', which he co-produced with A-Sides meeting with high acclaim on the Drum and Bass circuit. He has been signed to Stage One for many years, "too long", he jokes, but he knows it is important to be up to date in the market and in touch with all aspects of the music scene. He says " You can't let your position go to your head in this game - you can't be aloof or else you become unattached, you lose touch with reality and with yourself ", the long and the short of it all is that he tries to keep it on a street level, to keep it real. Listening to Lee Parry, Bob Marley, Steel Pulse, Zion Train and contemporary roots has kept Jah Free in touch with his true love, Reggae.

He listens to little else and is happiest when producing it, which keeps his friend John Peel very happy. "I have lots of plans", he says, " but life has a habit of controlling itself ".

He intends to make a video at some stage and there will be plenty of singles released, currently he is touring with Vibronics, but keep watching this space for a forthcoming collaboration with Zion Train themselves and a future project for the label Narcotix Inc, working with Austin, Wale and Ola you can expect something fresh with expressive Dub, Dance and Eclectic-ness.