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Kevin Thorpe

Kevin Thorpe

Charly T / Kevin Energy / Equinox

Date Of Birth : 3/24/79

Discography : View all tracks

Kevin started Djing at the humble age of just twelve. At fourteen, he progressed to playing at a local youth club and teenage parties.

He was given a weekend slot on a pirate radio called Dream FM which later developed into DJ work at clubs and raves. During these times, he felt strongly inspired by people like EMF, Snap and The Prodigy, as well as Indie and the original Hardcore rave tunes.

After he left school, Kevin did a B-TEC National Diploma in Sound Engineering, which lead to the release of his first record. After leaving college, he started working for Wax City Records in Croydon where he now works as Assistant Manager. After having a handfull of tunes released on big name record labels, Kevin now runs two of his own record labels, Nu-NRG Recordings and Dynamix. Both labels concentrate on Hardcore, Freeform Hardcore, Trance and Hard House. He also helps out with Techtonic Recordings. In his spare time, Kevin listens to Euro style Trance, uplifting, progressive and Hard House, both for inspiration and pleasure. "I hate Garage music though!" he adds.

Working at Wax City and running the two labels has enabled Kevin to gain a good knowledge of every aspect of the music industry. He thinks there are some people in the industry who just don't realise the emotional potential of music. He believes that writing music and releasing it is like having a special power. He says, "You can't beat it when there are thousands of people, all in one arena or club, who are sharing the same emotion at the same time as everybody else." But Kevin also believes that having "plain old fun" is just as good!

Kevin joined the Stage One Music Company 18 months ago. Though he runs his own labels, Stage One manage and organise his publishing, providing support in the form of collaborating, engineering and promotion. Kevin has linked up with Sharkey, Helix, Sunkings, Austin Reynolds, Loopy, Rise and Shine, Mark Ashley, Druid, Kaos and Blackout. His music is well respected and given airtime by Radio One’s DJ John Peel as well as his fellow DJing pals, who always give him a blast (or 5) when playing out, especially Sharkey, Mark E G, Fury, Marc Smith and Hixxy.

Kevin's ambitions shine through, as he strongly expresses how he wants to expand on the DJing aspect of his career, buy loads more equipment for his studio and focus on a wider range of musical styles. Although Kevin works out all his riffs and ideas at home, he takes his plans and samples to other producers in bigger studios to engineer and mix down for him. "I want to learn more about engineering and gain more recognition for my own DJing skills. I always hype the crowd into a musical frenzy!" The quality of Kevin's production is due to Austin Reynolds, Helix and John Aston. Kevin plays keyboards himself, in every release. "The engineer is just there to save time and get a wider sound with better effects”.

Kevin has the utmost respect for the Rave scene and loves every moment of every day. He can't help getting emotional when he talks about the politics of it all. "Why do such talented people get left out of this scene? I hate timewasters and blaggers as well." Quite clear on that one then. But at least he isn't afraid to say it. The most successful people in the scene are the one's who know how to express themselves, through their music and the power of their own voices. Kevin says, "I mostly respect people who are in it for the genuine love of music, rather than the money."

Trip To The Moon Part 3 (Kaleidoscope Remix)
Yves Deruyter - Rebel Remixes On Bonzi
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
The Prodigy - Your Love
Scott Project
Future Sound Of London - Papua New Guinea
DJ Energy - Hardcore Fever
Dream Finder
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era - Far Out
Weirdo - Curva Nova