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Matt Carlton

Matt Carlton

Ballistic / Fire & Theft / Goste / Helix / We 3 / Justin Time / Matthew / Sccale / Smoke Skreen / Triple J / Menthol Man / The Player

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Matt has been writing and recording music professionally since 1994 when he teamed up with The Stage One Music Company.

He has a long list of dance releases to his name (infact a number of names: Helix, Justin Time, Menthol Man, Matthew), not to mention countless collaborations in everything from Hip-Hop to Hardcore Rave.

In 1997 Stage One teamed up with The Extreme Music Library to produce two C.D's ( Techno and Speed Garage ) of short but authentic, quality dance tracks for library use. Matt contributed a number of highly successful tracks to both projects which have been used across all five network T.V. channels, numerous sattelite channels, and T.V. ads for Tesco and Anchor Butter.

Since that time Matt has produced many more pieces for Extreme covering a variety of dance styles such as House, Trance, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Trip-Hop, and Tech House. Notable recent uses include Nissan T.V. ad, Film Four's "Gangster Season" trailer, and Carlton Television's "Big Screen: X Certificate" theme tune!

Although still making dance tracks, Matt has started to capitalize on his long-standing interest in Ambient music and Atmospheria, some examples of which can be found on Extreme's "Tantric Trax" and soon-to-be-released "World Ambient" C.D's. He sees this direction as the way ahead; combining electronic trickery and sample manipulation with rich, wide soundscapes to create the next generation of film music.