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Tobias Best

Tobias Best

Bliss n Tumble / Eugenix / Mission Control

Date Of Birth : 9/2/74

Discography : View all tracks

From early childhood, Toby Best has taken his music very seriously. At the age of just six, he was classically trained to play the trumpet...

With inspiration and encouragement from his father, who had been a member of a 70's band, Toby's training continued until he was 13, when he dabbled in playing other instruments - mainly drum kits, guitars and keyboards. By taking the time to teach himself, he slowly began to learn and understand the thinking behind music theory.

His first attempt at recording was with an indie/punk band called Stubborn Relief. The band gave him experience in performing live, as they were very active within their local community. His determination and dedication shined through and continued into adulthood. Now, although Toby's first love is music, he also has a great passion for education and understanding people. He has 'A' Level achievements in Philosophy and Psychology and has recently completed a BSC in Music Technology.

Toby first showed an interest in the sounds of Rave music (House, Garage etc.) in the early 1990's. When a studio session didn't go too well, Toby realised that listening to music and actually making it, were two different ball games. He soon started to get in touch with the New Age way of producing music electronically, and found Drum 'n' Bass the most inspiring of all and concentrated on this style in his makeshift bedroom studio. He managed to get together a demo tape, which he sent to The Stage One Music Company, they were really impressed with the musicality of the demo and took him on as an artist, who they would develop on their existing label Bear Necessities.

A year later, Toby's first release on Bear Necessities under the name Bliss 'n' Tumble did remarkably well. He was then requested by React to do an exclusive track on their Artcore LP called 'Three Days'. His second solo release generated considerable interest from many top Drum 'n' Bass DJs as well as Positiva's 'Additive' label. Toby also completed another release for 'Additive' for an album project, which gave him the opportunity to combine his studio skills with live instrumentation and develop his understanding of music theory.

Toby's lifestyle is very cultured. As well as being well-travelled, he also has an interest in music that you wouldn't expect of a Drum 'n' Bass producer, and listens to everything from classical to soul, Jazz Fusion to Radio Head, film sound tracks to a little Hip Hop. He is unbelievably open-minded about music and finds inspiration for his own music in "anything and everything" he hears, from the abstract noises of day to day life to the music he listens to in his spare time.

As far as making music goes, nowadays, Toby mainly makes Drum 'n' Bass that holds his attention, along with Down Beat and Ambient Soundscapes. Although Toby has been working closely with Stage One for the last five years, he has actually been professionally in the music business for eight. He had a record contract with EMI at one point, and has also worked with artists such as A-Sides, Optical, Matt Carlton and MC MC to name but a few. With musical ambitions to work with TV, film soundtracks and sound effects his future looks bright and busy.

Donald Byrd - Wind Parade
Buddy Rich - Beat Goes On
Vangelis - Blade Runner Soundtrack
Bob Marley - Small Axe
Beatles - Come Together
Hayden - Trumpet Concerto
Frank Sinatra - Night And Day
Soul Coughing - Lazy Bones
James Brown - Feel Good
A Tribe Called Quest - Can I Kick It?