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Daniel Light

Daniel Light

Billy Bunter

Date Of Birth : 5/13/75

Discography : View all tracks

Daniel's sheer love for the music was enough to initiate a DJ spot at parties. By 1989 he was performing professionally in a record shop which was the stepping stone to a world-wide career.

He believes that being involved in something he loves is the secret to his success and holds the utmost respect for artists with faith in this scene.

His musical influences are taken from Electro, Rap, Soul Funk, House, Go Go and Rave. His own style ranges from Teck House, Trance, UK Hard House, UK / Euro Trance, Techno and Hard NRG. Whenever he has a spare moment Daniel enjoys the sound of Seduction, MC Fearless, Luna C, Uncle, Tony Price, Filter Tip and Massive Trance.

In 1993 he joined up with Stage One and since then he has collaborated with other artists such as Rob Vanden, Austin Reynolds, Matt Quinn, Darren Zebedee, John Doe and Steve K. His most significant tracks to date are “Let It Lift You” which was released on the JAL label and “Come Alive” which was the debut release on his own label, Happy Jacks. You are most likely to hear these tunes and others from Daniel’s discography on Pete Dardman, Graham Gold and Judge Jules’ air time shows.

Daniel is excited about the future. He wants to push this sound that he believes in so much, around the world. With no less than three engineers (Darren Zebbedde, Steve Krigh and John Doe) at his side, he will be collaborating with other producers and singers next year to create a new style for his Millenium sound.

Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
Core - Close To Me (Oakerfold Remix)
Pre ‘88-’89 Hip Hop Electro
All ‘88-’89 Rave Anthem Selection
Nara Minds - Geneside II