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Dave Bumpstead

Dave Bumpstead

Dave Jay / Dilemma / The Mighty Alliance / The Stone Players

Date Of Birth : 11/12/71

Discography : View all tracks

Dave Bumpstead is a self trained singer / song writer. He has been 'in the game' since he was 17 years and old...

Music qualification / other musical background

No musical education whatsoever!

List up to 3 famous people you have worked with

Ummm... well, the two albums I've worked on with Andy Lewis (for Acid Jazz - second album, titled "You Should Be Hearing Something Now!", due out in September 2007) have seen me appearing alongside the likes of Loleatta Holloway, Paul Weller and Keni Burke...

Your personal biggest musical acheivements

Having first ever release out on Boogie Times / Suburban Base (Phuture Assassins), getting signed to Madonna's Maverick Records (with Soul Hooligan) and being published by Warner / Tamerlane.

Who inspires you musically?

Juni Morrison, Bernard Fowler, Ricky Dillard, Robert Owens, Lewis Taylor.

Future plans

Further session work, have started making music for short films, moving into writing.


Likes : A laugh.
Dislikes : Cunts and blaggards!
Sins : Vanity, solvent abuse, buggery
Ambitions : Currently writing a book, hoping to get it published next year.
Something funny about yourself : My pubes are turning grey.

Eddie Holman - I Surrender
Air - All I Need
Marvin Gaye & Diana Ross - Stop, Look, Listen
A Tribe Called Quest - Phony Rappers
Christ 'The Glove' Taylor - Reckless
Girls Against Boys - Disco 666
Miles Davis - Call Blues
Birth Of Da Kool - Gnould Jay
Genesis - I Know What I Like
R. Dean Taylor - There's A Ghost In My House
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Bell Bottoms