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Matt Quinn

Area 39 / Fly By Wire / Morpheus / Optical / Photofit / Just Another Artist / Technarchy / Little Matt / Fibre Optic / Drum Kru / Infinite / Sonar / Jagged Edge / Research / Outfit / Fortran / Nut-E-1

Date Of Birth : 10/24/72

Discography : View all tracks

Best known as Optical, Matt has recorded for Bear Necessities, Genetic Stress, No U Turn, Prototype and Metalheadz, worked with Goldie on Saturnz Return, engineered Groovrider's Mysteries Of Funk and founded Virus Recordings with Ed Rush in 1998.
Matt Quinn, brother of Jamie Quinn, alias Matrix, and Fergus, alias Plainclothesmen.

Matt started making music when he was 17, but is best known for his work with Ed Rush, fellow head of the Virus Recordings, and as a pioneer of the techstep and neurofunk sound. In addition, he has produced solo, and released in collaboration with many artists including his brother Matrix, with whom he set up his first label, Metro Records, after "graduating" from the free party scene. The first release on the label was the mighty "Shining" and it wasn't long before his first single for Metalheadz, 'To Shape the Future'/'Raging Calm', was released and his collaborative material with Ed Rush, such as the album, Wormhole, were archetypal developments in the style. The duo followed this debut album with countless remixes and singles and, two further albums later, are touring the four corners of the earth. We know they're sitting on countless tracks - don't think they're finished yet, despite Optical developing acute tinnitus following some exploding speakers in the studio...