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Benjamin Handbury

Benjamin Handbury

Visionary / V2 - Aka Invader & MC Friction / Invader

Date Of Birth : 11/22/84

Discography : View all tracks

Derbyshire-based Ben produces under the psuedonyms Invader & Visionary, delving into the realms of Hardcore, Trance, Breakbeat and Electronica.
Ben has been producing music for a few years now and has been enjoying a myriad of different genres and creative avenues. This has lead to a host of collaborations with a variety of other artists and musicians.

To date, Ben has had releases on labels such as Stompin Choonz, Digital Beatz and Electronic, as well as co-running various label projects, such as Trancewarez and Innervision.

Ben is also embarking on various production music projects through The Dance Music Library.

I know it's probably a bit cliched, but I really can't give a favourite, cos I get influence from literaly everything... not just music either. To me anything that evokes emotion of any form is inspirational.