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Aedan Wolton

Pearl Blue

Date Of Birth : 8/31/85

Website :

Discography : View all tracks

A member of the JAL team in terms of both business and making music, AJ began a career with Just Another Label in 2006 as a songwriter.
Since then, AJ has been instrumental in a number of tracks, collaborating with JAL artists like Cube::Hard, Jennifer Bolton, Tekno Dred and Darwin as well as composing library music for The Dance Music Library Ltd.

On the business-side of the fence, AJ has been working for JAL in the Admin Dept, as well as getting involved with the management of the catalogue and taking on A&R responsibilities. This role has lead to the establishment of AJ's own company Test Pilot Music Ltd, which offers management, publishing and A&R services as well as being home to the Nu Skool Breaks/Breakbeat Hardcore label Sound Assassin Recordings.

AJ is currently working closely with artists such as Craig Morris (DJ Fury), Sam Gibbons (Indigo), Ben Handbury (Invader/Visionary) and Rob Walker (StrifeII).

Anything by Ani Difranco, first and foremost!

Others include:

One Minute Silence - Fish Out of Water
Incubus - Make Yourself
Lo Fidelity All Stars - How To Operate With A Blown Mind
N-Zo & Invicible - Red 5
Sublime - What I Got
Barrington Levi - Under Mi Sensi