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Nathaniel Clarkson

Nathaniel Clarkson


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Nat is developing a niche of his own with over 10 years of experience he has gained working in and around the Music Industry. He has been involved in music all his life, starting out as a drummer in various different bands and then moving on to production and sound engineering.

Early Years

In the beginning Nat worked from his bedroom studio in Ipswich, England. He co-produced a number of tracks with local Hip Hop crew Don Congregation aka Don Con alongside Krie (Carl Herbert). Carl Herbert went onto start British clothing label Don Wear UK. Clarkson and collaborators Jay Funk (Jamie Coldron) and Danny J (Daniel Adams) setup Finesse Recordings in 2001. Finesse Recordings first and only 12" vinyl release featured the vocals of Cat Knight and London UK Garage MC 'MC Munchie'.

During 2002 Nat was introduced to Gordon Mulrain and joined together as NJC & Innerheart, they went on to produce 7 of the 13 tracks on UK Reggae/Dancehall artist YT’s debut album 'Straight Outta Britain'. Nat went onto produce various Drum & Bass singles; his debut Drum & Bass release was in 2003 on Digital's label L.Plates, the two sided 12" vinyl A: Dispatches & AA: 'Feels Good' featured vocals by Shelley Dee.

Meeting 'Just Another Label' 'The DML' and Ola

Early on in 2002 Nat was introduced to 'Ola' from the then Stage One Music publishing company in London. Nat put together a show reel of all the various projects he'd been working on and sent it to Stage One Music for consideration. In the winter of 2002 he signed a 3-year publishing deal with Stage One Music.

Developing Career

Nat collaborated with YT and Indian percussionist and drummer Dharam Singh aka DSD and the song called 'Feel The Buzz' was born; this track featured a vocal sample from Bollywood star Lata Mangeshkar and various drum loops performed by Singh. Produced by Clarkson 'Feel The Buzz' was picked up by Bobby Friction & Nihal on BBC Radio One and put forward as 'break-through tune of the year', after several weeks of airplay the Dreem Team featured it on their Sunday breakfast show and eventually made its way into the hands of the late John Peel in June 2003. Feel The Buzz was eventually signed to Moviebox, Birmingham (United Kingdom) and was released on the 12th May 2008, called 'Hogaya Hai Tujh Ko' it was track 1 on Streets of Bollywood 2.

Nat produced Drum & Bass track 'Dholi Runner' which also featured Dharam Singh's Indian drumming and was released on Function Records. Dholi Runner received several plays on BBC Radio 1 from Bobby Friction and Nihal and later by Steve Lamacq on his pre-Glastonbury show in June of the same year.

In 2004 Nat was commissioned to write a theme tune for Playstation 2 demo of the game 'Dogs Life'. The track was used on the cover-mount DVD in Europe for Playstation 2 Magazine. Dogs Life the game was later released around the world and Nat's track was reported to have been used in the Southern Hemisphere for terrestrial TV adverts. Later Sony BMG agreed to an out of court settlement with Stage One Music, as they hadn't obtained the relevant license for the songs usage.

Whats the latest?

In 2009 Nat produced albums for The DML (The Dance Music Library formerly Stage One Music) on various dance based concepts for use in film, TV and the web, mainly composing tracks for Sonoton Music (Germany) and Extreme Music. Many of his recent compositions have been used across all major territories around the world in many mainstream Television programs including Masterchef, Skunked TV, Fifth Gear, Really Wild Show, Americas Next Top Model, Miami Ink and C.S.I New York.

In January 2009 new Trance producer and DJ Chris Grabiec approached Nat from west London. Also involved in the project is singer songwriter Raechel Waldon who has vast experience of the music business having written for the likes of MJ Cole, Matt Schwartz, Brad Carter and Tin Tin Out to name a few. The collective will be releasing the new material later this summer with a launch party scheduled for June 2009 in London.

Various projects are coming to a close in 2009, which will see the debut albums for the following artists and bands. All produced by Nat they are:
The Marvelous - Debut album.
Voodoo Browne aka Marley Browne - Debut Album.
Darien Prophecy feat The Marvelous - EP.
Darien Prophecy - Studio album produced by NJC & Innerheart.
Kyra - producing singles.

Ambiel Music was launched in June 2009, founded originally by Gordon Mulrain and Frances Shelley as a publishing company is now branching out as a label to cater mainly for the growing artist and band roster from Nat and Gordon (NJC & Innerheart). The first releases will be in the autumn of 2009.