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Laura Bayston

Laura Bayston

Laura And The Boutique

Date Of Birth : 9/15/78

Discography : View all tracks

Laura is a fully accomplished singer/songwriter with a wide vocal range. She is based in Gloucestershire but hails from East London (Barking) where she was born. Laura grew up in Dagenham, Essex.
Laura is a confident live performer with a wealth of experience from many corporate and private functions. She is currently working with Ambiel Music.

"I come from a musical family, my dad is a Drummer and keen Guitarist. He was very influential musically and introduced me to many different musical styles, particularly Rock, my dad encouraged my singing from a very early age as he quickly realised I had rhythm and sounded "All right" I think he originally hoped I would be a great drummer like him.

I sing, write and perform because I genuinely love it and can't imagine doing anything else, Music should release your inner feelings, be it hope, love, anger, sadness, happiness, if you get goosebumps and that funny feeling in your belly you know it's a good song that has touched you.

I aim to write songs just like that! It's a release for my overloaded and overworked brain!

After a late start Laura realised her talent as a singer age 14 after being urged to sing at a local pub contest it was the start of many musical things to come and after leaving school she went on to study Performing Arts at college whilst also attending the Anna Scher Theatre School in London. She went on further to achieve a certificate in professional singing at The Vocal Tech Music School also in London. It was here that Laura learned the vital skills needed to maintain a strong healthy voice and improved singing technique bringing the most form her unique vocal style.

I  like Chocolate, Champagne, anything sparkly with diamonds (fake ones are fine) high heels, and shopping and anything pink & fluffy, God I'm such an Essex girl! Shuuuuut uuuuuup!!!!!!

Any Queen songs, I adored Freddie
All my life - Foo Fighters ( love the foo fighters)
Bring me to life - Evanescence (Quality on toast)
Glorious - Andreas Johnson (think that's how you spell his name?)
Pass Out- Tine Temper
Common people - Pulp (quality tune with a real build up, love it)

Any 80's & 90's Cheese for a good old knees up Mother Brown!