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Bear Necessities

Bear Necessities

Discography :

One of Stage One’s most mature labels, Bear Necessities began its life as a label in 1993 and was transferred to Just Another Label when Stage One split in 2005.
The Bear Necessities Music Policy: To produce Drum ‘n’ Bass with musical flavours, from two-stepping, up-beat jazz licks to teasing, tempting, techno soundscapes for the connoisseurs of Drum ‘n’ Bass.

It combined traditional Hardcore sounds with Drum and Bass in early releases such as “Mixed Biscuit” by Mole The Dipper. Then, concentrating on experimental Drum and Bass, A-Sides released the innovative and highly acclaimed “Jurassic Park” and “Eye Of The Dinosaur”.

Two artists who wrote prolifically for the label were Nut-E-1 and also Matt Quinn under various pseudonyms such as Technarchy, Phat and Phuturistic, Area 39 and then Optical. His first release under that name was “Cut Throat Flow”. Bear Necessities seemed at around ‘94-’95 to be ahead of its time, producing the darker and more abstract analogue sounds. Check out our back catalogue for some interesting surprises!

Other artists to produce for Bear Necessities are “Eugenix” with their very special blend of chilled and jazzy vibes, produced to perfection and also Toby Best, aka Bliss ‘N’ Tumble, whose music talents were picked up by EMI and was signed to the Positiva offshoot “Additive”. Tight Control and Smoke Skreen were more recent additions to the label, the former brought his traditional jazz style intertwined with ‘ruff and tuff’ Drum and Bass, the latter blending a more tranced out, Techno flavour with the more traditional styles of Drum and Bass.

This label will not fail to impress by its quality of production styles and the musicality of its sounds.