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Just Another Label

Just Another Label

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Just Another Label was set up in 1992 to cater for, and promote, artists that we met whilst distributing records in 1991. At the time, the jungle sound was dark and mysterious and there was a need for a lighter side to the dance scene.
Along with Slammin' Vinyl and Kniteforce, Just Another Label was one of the first to start releasing happy hardcore and has become the most established happy hardcore label. JAL is one of the most respected labels out there and has become an icon to the hardcore scene over the years. This iconic status is reflected in the many imitations and copies, the number of bootlegs of our tracks as well as in the sheer volume of talented artists who have released work on the label since its inception: Billy Bunter, Jimmy J, Justin Time, Love Nation, DNA and DJ Ham are just some of those who've joined us on our crazy journey through the years!

JAL's focus has changed recently, with a more crossover style involving breakbeat and acoustic flavours. This is not to say that Ola won't be releasing anymore hardcore - especially if his trained ear hears a potential floorfiller to rival the likes of 'Wonderful World', 'Let It Lift You', 'This Is Happiness' or 'Have It All'!