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Narcotix Inc

Narcotix Inc

Discography :

This label was first set up late in 1996 to cater for the new wave of Trip Hop which had emerged in the UK. From the onset, Narcotix Inc. has been highly respected amongst DJ's, magazine journalists and reviewers and the record buying public.
The most highly noted release has perhaps been the "Matthew EP" (Narc 7) which received the following acclaim from Brad Beatnick (Record Mirror): "A mini album, no less, from an artist who is, it seems, liberated from all the constraints of categorisation. The five pieces of music drift from DJ Shadow style mellow beats and piano to jazzed up funk and raw breakbeat madness. There are some great dialogue samples in there too, making this a remarkable debut and a refreshingly original record."

A very diverse group of artists have featured on Narcotix, from the Portishead style of vocal tracks from "Fire and Theft" to the lamb-like vocals of Dilemma's "Polished Jewels" to the soulful jazz of "Windows In My Mind" by The Mighty Alliance. To cater for the label's diversity of style, two divisions have been set up: Narcotix Beats, for the more Big Beat sounds of producers such as Agent Caine, Citadel of Kaos and The Scammers; and Narcotix Lounge, for the more laid back styles of artists such as Dilemma and The Mighty Alliance.

This is a label with longevity, one which is gradually creeping into people's subconscious - expect a steady flow of quality releases from this label in the millennium. The 25th October 1999 saw the release of the first Narcotix CD compilation mixed by The Scammers entitled "Class A Cuts", which is a collection of the finer moments from the Narcotix Beats department, priced to entice (@ £2.99 retail), this is the first in a series of Narcotix compilations.