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Single Information

Catalogue Number : EAST28

Release Date : 1999

Label : up2 East Side

Genre(s) : Drum n Bass / Drum & Bass

listen_g  A. 'Return'

By : Majistrate
Genre : Drum n Bass

listen_g  B. 'Systems'

By : Majistrate
Genre : Drum & Bass

After a short break from the scene The Majistrate steps up with 2 new cuts for Eastside Records. This is Majistrate’s fourth solo release for Eastside and it has allready been creating a buzz on dub plate being smashed by the likes of Bailey, Randall and Kenny Ken.
Return sees The Majistrate taking things from a different angle and hitting us with a hard dark piece of funk. Return just rolls from start to finish with punching breaks, sinister pads and twisted basslines.
Systems has got more of a jump up feel to it and is aimed directly at the
dancefloor. Those of you who like your rollers will be into this one.
Systems features filtered up beats, horn stabs and a catchy bassline to
move the crowd.