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Aim 2 Pleez Aim 2 Pleez was established in 1994, releasing Jungle by N-Zo and DJ Invincible.
Bear Necessities One of Stage One’s most mature labels, Bear Necessities began its life as a label in 1993 and was transferred to Just Another Label when Stage One split in 2005.
Blame Technology Blame Technology was established in 1993 and was Okicked off by The Kick Syndicate with "A Voice Sounded London". Earlier releases have been very pure, underground Techno.
Bonkers / D.A.T.A. Bonkers is a 12' single label offshoot of the highly successful 'Bonkers' Compilation series on React. DATA stands for Digital Audio Techno Anarchy and along with Bonkers, and are joint collaborations between DJ / Producer Sharkey and Stage One.
Boombastic Plastic Old skool flavoured rave tunes featuring the earliest happy hardcore and jungle influences from the one and only Citadel of Kaos!
CIA Established in 1997, CIA grew out of a necessity for Total Science to have their own imprint and identity to showcase their ever increasing catalogue of music and bring on the talents of artists with similar styles.
Clued Clued was set up in conjunction with the Youth Awareness programme: a youth-driven organisation offering young people in East London advice and support with drugs, sexual health, crime and other things they face. The label was set up to raise awareness of this programme.
Dusk Til Dawn Dusk Til Dawn was set up in 1996 as an experiment.
East Side From the heart of East London, East Side Records is an established Drum and Bass label, which was set up in November 1996 and now features the young talent of DJs and producers in the area of East London.
Electronica Exposed A diverse group of labels spearheaded by Shanty/The Mexican aka Rich Andrews.
Faze Freak Faze Freak's concept is to cross-section Happy, vocal Hardcore with deep and mysterious Freeform Trancecore, incorporating breakbeats and keeping the sound fresh and modern.
FDN FDN was set up in 1996 by Jan Salisbury and George Jones (aka Citadel of Kaos and Cortex) and administrated by Stage One.
Fuze Fuze was set up by A-Sides in order to release the harder, experimental side of Drum and Bass. Fuze has proved its popularity with Drum and Bass DJs and the record buying public since its conception.
FX FX was created in 2000 by John Stewart and Paul Brown (aka Solid State) following their success with the State Of The Art (or SOTA) imprint, and set up to showcase their excellent Drum 'n' Bass skills.
Genetic Stress Genetic Stress never strived to produce the ordinary, traditional sounds of Drum and Bass. Instead, their sound has always pushed the boundaries as far as possible. The results were first heard on the one-sided, limited edition of "Silver Haze", which was, and still is, very hard to find.
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