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Track Information

listen   'All I Ever Wanted'

By : DJ Fury / Yemisi

Label : up2 Stompin Choonz

Genre : Freeform

ST07A - 320kbps MP3 Download
Available for direct download
WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 1

WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 1

Just Another Label brings you the Wow! Series. read more

WOW 4 - The Chemical Generation - Vol. 2

WOW 4 - The Chemical Generation - Vol. 2

For those of you that think Hardcore is dead because the media don't give it any attention, think again. These guys, “THE CHEMICAL GENERATION” are bringing it back to life and are at the forefront of an exciting and inspiring movement. read more

Not found

Most Uplifting Vocal Anthems

A mostly in-house album from JAL this collection is a vocal-led journey into Happy Hardcore history!! read more