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300% Nu Energy

Album Information

300% Nu Energy

Release Date : Apr 2003

Catalogue Number : NRGCD3

Label : up2 The Nu Energy Collective

Welcome to 300% Nu Energy: an unyielding injection of raw, relentless power and energy into the world of Hard Dance. The Nu Energy Collective's unique sound is set to enrapture the world once again with its continual merciless presence!

Our sound is ever evolving, pushing forward with a prestigious capacity of inspiration. 300% Nu Energy is our most upfront offering of aural stimulation from our NRGCD series. For this compilation we have captured a live performance from the creator of this series - DJ Kevin Energy. Kevin's reputation in the Hard Dance scene has now rocketed to an ultimate high. His unique style has sealed him with a 10 gig sell out Australian tour, as well as various trips to Canada, Japan, Finland and the USA later in the year. Kevin's UK DJ work takes him up and down the country every weekend performing at Slammin' Vinyl, Logic, Pendragon, Atomic Energy, Helter Skelter, Frantic and many more.

Where better to capture this energy infusion for 300% Nu Energy than 'live' at a London based party that rigorously tweaks its music policy to offer the most upfront yet commanding Hard Dance around. Atomic Energy has been running for over 4 Years now and their regular crowd know what to expect from Atomic and detonate the dance floor at every party. This is the first compilation in our series to feature new unreleased material and to capture a live DJ set.

We are proud to offer you this illumination of convulsive beats as things hot up in 2003. 300% Nu Energy is a journey from Hard Trance right through to our erupting Freeform sound. In order to give something back to our followers we continue to keep this album at a low and affordable price.

The future is bright.. The future is Energy! Enjoy.