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JDS is Joel Wilkinson, Darren Zebedee and Satyen Dayal.

JDS stands for Joel, Darren and Satyen - a trio who have written tracks such as "Let It Lift You" and "Come Alive" in collaboration with Billy Bunter on Just Another Label. Other tracks include the massive "Higher Love" featuring Corelle on Stompin Choonz and "Age Of Stomp" on R.S.R.

Satyen met Darren in 1995 when he was working as a chef's hand in a restaurant and Darren was working in Livingston Studios as a tape operator. Both were into the Dance scene and a year later Darren had his bedroom studio set up. He invited Sat and Joel to have a go at making a track. In the Dark Ages that were dominated by Drum and Bass, they were all into uplifting music. They started producing "piano" tunes, but never expected their material to be released because they had no funding and were not quite satisfied with the end results.

Then they met Billy "Daniel" Bunter he was resident DJ at Club Labyrinth, the only London club playing "Happy" . The scene really took off at this point and more tracks were breaking through with the "Happy" vibe, from labels such as SMD, Slammin Vinyl, Just Another Label, Hectic, Homegrown and Asylum. Remix Records opened early in 1994 and were to become London's specialist in Happy Hardcore. JDS met Jimmy J and agreed to write a track together called "Ool Lortnoc"! , the flip side to "Take Me Away" on the Remix Records label. JDS followed this up with a naughty white label which was well received.

In September 1994 they joined Billy Bunter and the Stage One crew. This led to releases such as "Let It Lift You ." and "Music is Moods" featuring Gem, on Just Another Label, as well as "Come Alive" and "The Voyage" on Happy Jack Productions. Their first solo release was "Higher Love" featuring Corelle on Stompin Choonz. This floor-filling vocal track was released in March 1999 and is still being played now. Other releases have been written under pseudonyms such as Highlife and Style, 2 Left Feet and D-Zyne, as part of D-Zyne and Fury.

JDS. plan to continue to release crowd - pleasers featuring live vocals and are aiming for original ideas for something a little different. Innovators like JDS are crucial to the scene. As the "Happy Hardcore" sound progresses towards a Tekno audience in Scotland and Europe, JDS is preparing the way for well produced vocal stompers to reach a wider audience. Breakbeat lovers have no fear - we have no intention of dropping the breakbeats in favour of stomp. UK Happy Hardcore would not be the same. The breakbeats distinguish our style from Tekno and we won't forget it!