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Darren Zebedee

JDS / D-Zyne

Discography : View all tracks

Darren, aka D-Zyne, is one-third of the JDS trio but has worked as a solo artist with Billy Bunter on the GBT imprint and has produced for JAL's Stompin Choons and XY2 labels.
D-Zyne is probably best known as part of the prolific JDS trio (see more info under the group profile), but has worked with numerous artists including DJ Fury, with whom he produced the trancecore stormer, "Hyperhydrosis" on JAL's very own XY2 label; Billy Bunter on numerous tracks for RSR and GBT; and Rob Vanden, with whom he joined forces on what we believe to be one of his last works, "Warriors 2000", on the Honey Pot Hard imprint, which included a stormin remix by Billy himself...

Shame he never teamed up with Dylan and Dougal for a real Magic Roundabout treat...

For more info regarding his JDS days, though, please see to JDS profile