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Jan Salisbury

Jan Salisbury

Agent Caine / Citadel Of Kaos / Cool Blu / Cortex / We 3

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Citadel of Kaos tracks can now be found on Narcotix Inc, JAL, XY2 and FDN labels run by Stage One. Its name represents the mind changing effects of all forms of music particularly experimental Break Beat.

Citadel of Kaos has been producing music since 1992, starting on a label called ‘Bombastic Plastic’ and now producing a variety of Dance music ranging from Tekno to the Break Beat sound.

Jan is the main man in Citadel of Kaos. It was originally formed with Jason Cambridge (aka DJ A-Sides in 1991. They released tracks on the label ‘Bombastic Plastic’, the most popular tracks being “E Z Man” & “Ronnie's Revenge”, which put them on the map. Since then, Citadel of Kaos have worked with other producers such as Austin Reynolds and George Jones.

Citadel of Kaos have 12 titles in the ‘released’ catalogue so far. They are unable to predict how their style may change, they have already gone through the transition stage of Break Beat to Tekno and back to Break Beat again. As Jan puts it, “All depends on how we feel”. They intend to do what they do best and “strive for originality”.

“My Machine and I” and “Exploding Dog” are their favourite tunes to date in the Break Beat style. Where Trance is concerned “Spice of Life” is considered to be their favourite. “Feed the System” on the XY2 label, favoured by Jan, could be described as a cross-over between Break Beat and Tekno.

Future plans are plain and simple, ‘an Album’ for 2000 featuring the diverse tracks of Citadel of Kaos which will signify their originality in style and approach. Looking deeper into the future, they intend to venture into programming, working with musicians and merging real instruments with technology. There is a possibility that some respected producers may find themselves ‘head hunted’ to do some work, however for the past two years, Jan has depended on his own skills. All he really wants now is a vocalist with a bizarre voice.

Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom
Joey Baltram - Energy Flash
Izit - Stories
Paradox - Jail Bread
Gwen McGree - All This Love
The Turntable Orchestra - You’re gonna miss me
Rhythm is Rhythm - Your Love
The Prodigy - What Evil Lurks
Renegade Sound - Ozone Breakdown”