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Jason Cambridge

Jason Cambridge

A-Sides / Badness / D.T. / Fate / Kick Syndicate / Sci Clone / Sunshine Productions / The Vagrant / Tight Control / Zed

Date Of Birth : 1/26/70

Discography : View all tracks

A-Sides has been into music since 1985, when he started DJ'ing at House Parties. He would make a brand new tune out of two existing ones on the decks.

He would play Hip Hop, Electro, Soul, Funk, Reggae and Rock, and each and every one of these styles influenced his mind for the future.

In 1992, Jason began to release his own material and go raving to hear his stuff being played out. Whilst at Roller Express one night, he met Ola from The Stage One Music Company and a year later, Ola started distributing Jason's records. As time went on, Jason and Ola decided to set up a record label together, Calling it ‘Boombastic Plastic, Jason would release records under the name 'Citadel of Kaos', which was made up of Jason, Jan Salisbury and Simon from Earth Leakage Trip. 'Citadel of Kaos' eventually became just Jan with another guy called George Jones.

Jason continued to produce music for Stage One and soon enough, ‘Just Another Label’ (JAL) was underway and Ola was releasing Jason's work through this label. ‘Sunshine Productions’ tunes such as 'Above the Clouds' and 'Symphony In September' were part of Jason's long list of successful Rave anthems and Jason had begun to fulfil his dream of producing. But he wanted more. He still felt he had to push himself in other musical directions. He went to work for Strictly Underground and released, most notably, “Punks”.

Strictly Underground didn't work out for Jason and he wanted to start up his very own label. "I can't stand people who knock other people or just want to jump on the bandwagon. Anyone with a negative attitude does my head in”, says Jason, so starting his own label meant he would be in complete control of what he did and who he let in.

In winter 1997, Jason and Ola created a Drum 'n' Bass record label called ‘East Side’. Jason has run the label ever since and they have been a solid and successful team. Most of the artists on the label are from the East Side (of London), although Elementz of Noize are from Newcastle and Majistrate is from Kent.

Jason has released the 'East Side Mix CD' through Rough Trade, Germany and 'East Side Jamz' also hit the shops late 1999 and sold remarkably well. Jason has constructed a team of wicked producers: Embee, Cool Hand Flex, Uncle 22, Majistrate, Shape Shifter, Fate, D.T. and Randall, who along with Kenny Ken, Storm and Fabio play Jason's tunes all the time, on the radio, in clubs and at raves. Says Jason, "I don't poach artists, but I'm always on the look out for new music”. Not only does Jason run East Side, he also runs another Drum 'n' Bass label called 'Fuze'. Both labels have gained all the right respect in all the right places.

So far, and apart from the those currently on his labels, Jason has worked alongside many credible artists and producers, including Jumping Jack Frost and Nathan Haines. He has performed all over the world in countries such as Norway, France, Holland, USA, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and New Zealand. He plans to make a Sci-Clone album (one of his pseudonym projects) and he wants to start performing live in the near future. Jason says, "I love the way that music unites people all over the world and I get to travel and DJ all over the world and do just that”.

In his spare time, Jason listens to Hip Hop, Trip Hop and R&B, all the time being inspired and influenced for his own music. "I love being able to run labels by myself, not answering to anyone about my music”, he chirps. Jason engineers and mixes down all his own records in his multi-thousand pound studio. He attends all his own cuts and promotes the label via his own DJ’ing sets, as well as through the respect of his fellow DJ's.

Jason is not finished yet. He still has much to do and he's not going stop until he gets there. "My ambition is to own a really successful label and carry on producing top quality music”.