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Single Information

Catalogue Number : JAL13

Release Date : Apr 1995

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Genre(s) : Hardcore

JAL13A-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download
JAL13AA-MP3 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download

listen  A. 'New Sensation'

By : Billy Bunter
Genre : Hardcore

listen  AA. 'The Way I Feel'

By : Billy Bunter
Genre : Hardcore

Billy Bunter kicks out another old skool flavoured stomper that has been doing the rounds on the ones and twos all over the UK and beyond!
‘New Sensation’ is without a doubt old skool breakbeat from the very best in the business! Bunter has done it again by incorporating piano that captures the very spirit of the golden age of rave, over the top of a dirty yet fun breakbeat coupled with a downright vicious and upfront kick.

‘The Way I Feel’ is equally as in your face, with a bassline so bouncy it hurts and techno inspired synth-work that really hits the spot. All this leads up to melodious, fast paced piano that adds an element of sheer fun and good time grooves to JAL 13’s flipside.