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Richard Finch-Turner

Richie FT / Dilemma / The Mighty Alliance

Date Of Birth : 2/1/67

Discography : View all tracks

Richie F.T is a musician with a difference. He is a fully trained opera singer, DJ and bass guitarist. He makes any type of music to make you wanna shake your ass and he can be influenced by anyone except Kylie Minogue (spoil sport!).
In his four years with Stage One, he has worked with Dilemma and The Mighty Alliance on "Spring Box" and "Windows In My Mind" respectively and intends to work with Dilemma again.

He also says, "I'll work with anyone who's cool and groovy and wants to work with me!"

Richie has performed all over England, Germany, France, Belgium and Ireland, yet digging the scene from his studio window. He has played bass with his singer sister, Emma and Mighty Alliance vocalist, Dave Jay and by the sound of some his answers, he needs mental assistance.

We must share with you the answer to the question: And what is the view from your studio window? "It has a view of a very natural-looking man-made reservoir, with lots of trees and wildlife." Thank you, Richie.

Richie holds up most respect to fellow scene oddities, Nathan Coles, Terry Francis and Wubble-U and we hope they are more in control of their minds than he is! Richie says Pete Tong gives him air time, but also claims Terry Wogan plays his tunes too.

We think not.

How can we take him seriously? I bet you're intrigued to hear his music though!

In his spare, weird time (!) Richie listens to a lot of dance music, as well as Tech-House, Breakbeat, Jazz, Funk, Classical and Opera. In the same breath he says he wants to run a Kebab shop in Scunthorpe and be the first DJ to play on the moon. (Hello? Earth calling Richie, come in Richie).

Well, with a brain such as Richie's, there isn't much more we can say about him.

Except all donations are welcome to the "Help The Richie F-T Brain cell Appeal".

Thank you.

Puccini - La Boheme
Weather Report - Heavy Weather
Joni Mitchell - Hejira
I've got records from Shirley Bassey to Motorhead, so I like everything!