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Jason Greenhalgh

Jason Greenhalgh

Control / Funky Technicians / Legacy / Q Project / Subject Matter / Total Science

Date Of Birth : 3/15/71

Website :

Discography : View all tracks

Jason acquired his first piece of studio equipment during the mid 1980's and began DJing in 1987. He released his first tune in 1992 and has released over 50 tracks since, including the popular and extremely wicked “Champion Sound”.
He joined Stage One almost 2 years ago and has also produced a shedload of released tunes for them.

During his spare time, Jason listens to an array of music, including Hip-Hop, deep House and Funk. He is influenced by anything he listens to and puts it toward an experimental production technique. He has performed in the U.K. and America and enjoys the sens of loyalty that accompanies the music scene he is involved with, although it upsets him when the odd DJ slips through the net and plays music to follow trends, rather than playing what they like.

He says, “I respect anyone who plays music especially when they genuinely love it,” Fabio is just one of these people. He has supported his Jason's from day one, also Randall and Goldie have been a help, not forgetting LTJ Bukem, who, as Jason says, “really helped us believe in ourselves”.

Jason intends to take his music as far as he possibly can. He says, “I want to continue pushing our label, C.I.A. (Computer Integrated Audio) with Spinback (Paul Smith) and we’re also going to be working with Metalheadz, Good Looking and Timeless.”

Nightmares On Wax - Dextrous
Kid Frost - Terminator
Photek - Rings Around Saturn
Total Contrast - What Ya Gonna Do About It?
Nu Yourican Soul - Nervous Track
Rhythm Is Rhythm - It Is What It Is
Gang Star - Knowledge
DJ Krust - Jazz Note
Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest
Mantronix - Needle To The Groove