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Single Information

Catalogue Number : JAL90

Release Date : Jan 2007

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Genre(s) : Drum & Bass

JAL90 - 320kbps MP3 download
Available for direct download

listen  A. 'The Calling'

By : Cube::Hard / Jennifer Bolton / Tekno Dred / Pearl Blue
Genre : Drum & Bass

JAL 90 is a storming, upfront melting pot of musical influences, which marks a turning point for Just Another Label.
With acoustic guitar-led breakdowns, a vicious, thumping breakbeat and the dirty edge of jump-up drum and bass, ‘The Calling’ is the perfect introduction for vocalist Pearl Blue.

Also on the mic is Jennifer ‘Jenka’ Bolton who is often considered to be the ‘voice of hardcore’. Jen’s pure tones entirely compliment the more indie sound of Pearl Blue and the ‘call and return’ dual vocals are just some of the factors that make this track a cross-over anthem for the future.