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Happy Jack

Happy Jack

Happy Jack Productions was launched in 1995 by Billy "Daniel" Bunter with administration by Stage One as a bouncy, happy hardcore imprint.

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Name Artists
listen 'Alright' Love Nation
listen 'Bits And Bobs' Highlife / Style
listen 'Can You Feel It' Different Vibe
listen 'Closed Counter' The Saint
listen 'Come Alive' Billy Bunter / JDS / Corelle
listen 'Come Alive (BDB & Sparky Remix 08)' Billy Bunter / JDS
listen 'Come Alive (Remix)' Billy Bunter / JDS / Corelle
listen 'Elysium' Ballistic
listen 'Follow Me' Style Concept
listen_g 'Give It To Me' Highlife / Style
listen 'Jackattack' Hixxy
listen 'Kiss It' Ballistic
listen 'Kiss It (Psychangle Remix)' Ballistic
listen 'My Dance' Different Vibe
listen 'Operata' Ballistic
listen 'The Saint Goes Marching' The Saint
listen 'The Saint Goes Marching (Helix Remix)' The Saint
listen 'The Tick' Style Concept
listen 'Tubular Breakdown (Original Mix)' Ballistic / The Haze
listen 'Tubular Breakdown (Tekno Warrior Mix)' Ballistic / The Haze
listen 'Voyage' Billy Bunter / JDS