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Breakbeat Old Skool Sessions

Album Information

Breakbeat Old Skool Sessions

Release Date : Mar 2002

Catalogue Number : BOSSCD1

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Disc 1

  1. listen_g  'Piano Progression'
    by DJ Luna-C feat. Mad Mind Jox
  2. [Boombastic Plastic]
    listen_g  'Passion'
    by Citadel Of Kaos
  3. listen_g  'Selecta'
    by Alk-e-d
  4. listen  'Higher Love'
    by JDS
  5. listen_g  'Feel It (In The Air)'
    by Future Primitive
  6. listen  'Freedom'
    by DJ Unity / Jenka
  7. listen_g  'Music'
    by The Timespan
  8. listen  'Earthquake'
    by Citadel Of Kaos
  9. listen_g  'Escape The Feeling'
    by DJ Force & The Evolution
  10. listen  'Let It Lift You'
    by Billy Bunter / JDS
  11. listen_g  'Error 17'
    by DJ Deluxe
  12. listen  'Help Me'
    by Justin Time / Marlon
  13. listen_g  'Song of Angels'
    by Richie Whizz
  14. listen  'New Sensation'
    by Billy Bunter
  15. listen_g  'Ancient Art of 'Ardcore'
    by U-Clan
  16. listen  'Sweet In Pocket'
    by Justin Time
One DJ, two labels going head to head, and three turntables............ The DJ? Luna-C!!

..AKA Chris Howell, one of the original Happy Hardcore DJ’s from the Breakbeat era responsible for tracks such as ‘Piano Progression’, ‘Six Days’, and ‘Take Me Away’ using the alias Cru-L-T. The labels? Kniteforce and Just Another Label, two of the strongest and most prolific, influential Happy Hardcore labels to date.

Kniteforce was started by Luna-C and his friends back in 1992, and was run with the simple ideals of making music, while having a good time. After initial success, the label really took off after the huge club anthem ‘Take Me Away’ was released, and then remixed by legendary Hardcore producer Slipmatt. Since that day the label has gone from strength to strength and is now approaching its 11th year with well over 100 releases, including various subsidiary labels branching into all types of underground dance, such as Gabba, Drum & Bass and Trance.

Just Another Label began its life in 1992 and is still going strong today. It is well known in the scene for its high production value, innovative music and ground breaking artists. It is the home of producers Justin Time, Triple J, and Love Nation. JAL saw the first releases by the likes of Billy Bunter, Citadel Of Kaos, Highlife, and DJ DNA. Unlike most other Happy Hardcore labels JAL delved into uplifting Drum & Bass as well as four to the floor banging Hardcore. Not just another label but ‘The’ label to have in your collection.

As you can see these labels have been responsible for releasing some of the most popular names into the scene, some of which feature on this and future CD’s in this series and who have gone on to become legends in their own right. Mixed on three turntables to create a truly unique and live sound, this truly is an Old Skool session to rival all others.