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WOW 3 - The Chemical Generation

Album Information

WOW 3 - The Chemical Generation

Release Date : Sep 1999

Catalogue Number : WOWCD03

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Bringing music styles together and working against segregation in the Dance scene, some call this Dance phenomenon TRANCE CORE!

This is a tag which has caused mixed reactions from the would be purists of hard dance. But many of you will already be familiar with this term for the merger between Hardcore and Hard Trance / House. The demand to mix and blend music styles that crossover is becoming ever more popular and present in clubs, raves and free parties nationwide.

Adding credibility to the Hardcore scene, this album contains none of the cheesy pianos and vocals you would normally associate with Hardcore. It has been mixed together by the inspired DJ Energy & and the DJ Fury, two innovative DJ/producers who are well known and respected within the circuit, for their music and forward thinking attitude.

DJ Energy is 19 year old (at time of release) Kevin Thorpe. Owner and founder of NU Energy Recordings, he has held a residency @ club Labrynth London for the last 2 years. As well as playing up and down the country and occasionally putting on his own nights in the London area under the name “Go Mental” he runs and works at London’s most popular and respected independent Hardcore / Hard Dance record store Wax City, based in Croydon.

DJ Fury is Craig Morris one of the UKs’ leading producers of the Trancecore movement, known for producing many crossover Hard Dance tracks, notably “De Sensitize” and “Droppin Bombs” which were massive both on and off the Dance Floor.

This Collection is a selection of tracks that have been tried and tested over the last 3 years and will continue to rock and shock. It is the second sampler in the WOW series and is priced to entice a larger audience to taste a sample of things to come on the forthcoming album due out in September 1999 entitled CHEMICAL GENERATION - FREE FORM.