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WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 7

Album Information

WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 7

Release Date : Jul 2002

Catalogue Number : WOWCD07

Label : up2 Just Another Label

WOW! (What a Rush) is proud to present the seventh installation in this budget series of ‘must have’ compilations. This album includes works by the creators of the Trancecore sound including the likes of Helix, Sharkey, Energy, Tekno Dred, DJ Fury, AG Systems, and many more.

This unique Trancecore vibe was well before its time and is considered to be the up and coming sound in today’s Hardcore scene. The majority of the tracks on this CD were released over 4 years ago, yet are considered popular now and currently get massive play time at the biggest and most popular Hardcore clubs. DJs in the circuit are going back into their old collections and digging out these records as if they were fresh and new!

To back up the popularity of Trancecore in today’s market, the company React is re-launching the previously successful television-advertised compilation ‘Bonkers’ which featured Trancecore music and was mixed by DJ Sharkey. The featured artists on WOW!7’s 15-track album have also been quick to re-release these timeless anthems on vinyl due to the demand of a new breed of Hardcore / Trancecore listeners and for those already familiar with the sound.

The vibe of WOW! Volume 7 is energetic and uplifting. It is charged with an aggressive Hardcore beat but includes melodic, Trance-inducing undertones. This album is sure to evoke emotion from start to finish with tracks selected and mixed by the well-established DJ Fury. Fury is one of the UK’s leading producers in the Trancecore movement. He is known for producing many crossover Hard Dance tracks such as “De Sensitize” and “Droppin’ Bombs” which were massive both on and off the dance floor.

DJ Fury has also spent a lot of time with others who aim to spread the Trancecore vibe and get credibility back to the Hardcore scene. He has been a major inspiration to both Sharkey and DJ Energy. Although DJ Fury is more known for his producing than his DJing, his quality mixing skills were put to good use both during the Chemical Generation Club Tour and on WOW! 7. He is currently playing in clubs all over the world.

The scene today is coming alive and there are more and more Hardcore parties happening all over the world. People are re-discovering this sound and the popularity of this music is quickly increasing. WOW! Volume 7 is a true reflection of Trancecore’s history. After the success of WOW’s previous compilations and due to the fact that these CDs are still selling, Volume 7 is sure to be another success and an asset to this well-established series.