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WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 8

Album Information

WOW! What A Rush!! Vol. 8

Release Date : Nov 2002

Catalogue Number : WOWCD08

Label : up2 Just Another Label

Hold on tight and make sure your seatbelts are securely fastened! We have great pleasure in bringing you the eighth installment in the ever popular “WOW (What a Rush)” series, brought to you once again by the awesome Triple J.

It is compiled and mixed by these Old Skool Hardcore icons, who have selected memorable tunes from the heyday of the Happy Hardcore scene. So sit back and get ready to be taken on this roller coaster ride of Happy Hardcore anthems.

Triple J have long been a favourite with the ‘Ravers’ of the Happy Hardcore scene. Triple J are: Jimmy J, Labyrinth legend and Moondance resident; Justin Time, highly pro-claimed Hardcore producer envied for his production skills, vocal arranging and mix-down skills; and Jennifer “Jenka” Bolton, owner of the voice of Hardcore.

Volume 8 brings together various artists who made the scene what it was and are still going strong today. Some of the highlights on this album are as follows:

“The Epilogue” (Helix & Sharkey) - Sharkey, renowned for the Bonkers series, got together with Helix for this one off opportunity to create this outstanding epic Happy Hardcore/Trancecore tune which rose many a hand and got many people stomping their feet to the beat.

“Jackattack” (DJ Hixxy) - one of DJ Hixxy’s earliest tunes . This rare tune was responsible for getting Hixxy noticed amongst the rest of the Hardcore producers of the day.

“Eternity 99” (Triple J) - Triple J’s first ever tune, remixed in fine style by Justin Time himself . This tune is lush, atmospheric and will send tingles down your spine.

“Take Care Of You” (Slipmatt) - Slipmatt also makes an appearance on this album with co-defender Frisky featuring the vocals of Becks from “Here I Am”,

“New Sensation” / “Come Alive” - (Billy Bunter) - Billy Bunter makes two appearances on this album firstly expressing his talents with the vocalist Gem and then with JDS, who wrote the anthem “Higher Love”.

“Wow! What a Rush!! Vol 8” is jam packed with classic Happy Hardcore tunes that smashed it back in the day, some of which are still being played today by the likes of Sharkey, Energy and other DJ’s who play Happy Hardcore around the world. This album is a sure bargain for any Happy Hardcore fanatic who wants a piece of Hardcore history. Like the rest of the “WOW” series it will last the test of time because its the real deal, the genuine article, so dig out those white gloves and whistles and get your marching boots on! Keeping the vibe alive and getting your head bobbing, hands waving and feet skipping, this album is packed with some of the most memorable Happy Hardcore anthems ever.